Thai Wedding Package


The Buddhist wedding Ceremony : 34,900 Baht 

This is a full ceremony, which involves the chanting, and blessing by Buddhist monks. This will normally take place from a suitable location of your choice. Locations are varied, on the beach, in the garden, in the privacy of your cottage or at the temple. The traditional Thailand ceremony in normal should be finished before 11 hrs by monks. This is a Samui style ceremony set up for the bride and groom.

 The program of the ceremony is as follows:

      ¬  The bridal couple sits side by side at the bridal table.

¬  Buddhist religious rite begins with the chanting and blessing by 5 monks.

¬  Lighting the holy candles by the bridal couple

¬  Sprinkling of holy water by the monks

¬  Blessing and pouring of holy water by guests and hotel management staff

¬  The bridal couple exchange rings (if applicable)

¬  The bridal couple offers alms to the monks.

¬  Wedding registration if required.

¬  The bridal couples cut the cake

¬  The bridal couples to open the Sparking Wine to celebrate their wedding


The package is inclusive of :


1.    Buddhist Ceremony set up

2.    Alms for the 5 monks

3.    1 Round trip Transfer

4.    One flower welcome arch

5.    Four standing bouquets

6.    Two wedding garlands for bride and groom

7.    One hand bouquet for the bride

8.    One Button hole for groom

9.    An Island giveaway wedding gift

10.     On site wedding coordinator to assist with the wedding and reception

11.     A wedding cake

12.     One bottle of Sparking Wine

13.     1 hr Thai Message for Bride & Groom

14.     1 Private Dinner on the beach

Remark: This not included Flower decoration and other entertainment are requests


              ** Special Folower set up and special request are available as request***