Wedding Ceremony


THINK provided and organize for Beach wedding ceremony THAI and Western Ceremony and Blessing are available as requests, 

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                        General Information about Wedding in THAILAND 

Marrying Legally in Thailand

 Nationals of all countries can be married legally in the Kingdom of Thailand, provided they go to their embassy in Bangkok with the necessary documents at least 2 weeks prior to the planned date of their wedding. These documents should be sent to the resort 2 weeks before your wedding day in order to get all documents on time from Embassy.


Buddhist Weddings for Non- Buddhists

 A wedding on Samui can take many forms. If you are not a Buddhist but admire the beliefs and graceful rituals of the religion, you can be married with the monks approval, regardless of your persuasion. Blessings from the monks chanted in the ancient language convey an almost hypnotic sense of peace and tranquility and will give your ceremony a sense that your union is welcomed and entirely in place, in this exotic and foreign land.


Secular Weddings

 If you would like to have a non-religious wedding, you can have a local English-speaking celebrant or a loved one help you recite your vows in the presence of your wedding party or a few witnesses chosen from where you are staying if it is just the two of you.

Renewal of Your Original Wedding Vows

 If you are holidaying on Samui with your spouse and perhaps your children, as a way of celebrating the years you have spent together and the love you have shared, you might consider taking the opportunity to renew your commitment to one another in a formal way against the backdrop of a tropical oasis.